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Fishing RULES

SBYC Angling Rules

  • IGFA regulations apply.

  • IGFA recognized Game Fish are eligible.

  • SBYC members in good standing are eligible.

  • Fish caught from surf/pier are eligible for Tournament and Contest awards. Surf locations are limited to LBI.

  • Boat fish must be caught from a club members boat.

  • The boat must leave from and return to the vicinity of SBYC.

  • The fish must be promptly weighed in at SBYC or other reputable weigh station. If the fish is not weighed at SBYC, a weigh-in slip from the weigh in location must accompany the entry.

  • A weigh-in slip, located at the Fishing Bulletin Board, must be properly filled out and witnessed. Failure to completely, accurately and or legibly fill out a weigh-in slip could result in the disqualification of the fish.

  • The fish must be weighed-in and registered the same day it is caught, or immediately upon the boats return to port. Fish entered out of sequence (calendar date) in the weigh-in book or on a fish register could be disqualified.

  • All fish must be weighed on the digital scale.

  • In the case of a tie, "first caught" will determine the prized winner.

  • All fish must meet current State and Federal regulations regarding size, weight, seasonality, location, permits, etc.

  • Specific club tournaments may have different, contradictory or additional rules. Please make sure you are familiar with specific tournament rules. Tournament rules take president over the general SBYC Angling Rules. For example: start times, boat registration, fishing from the surf, chumming, eligibility of anglers, etc.

  • During club sponsored tournaments, when the Weighmaster is present, any challenges as to the fish weight, condition, legality, species, etc. must be made while the fish is on the scale. The Weighmaster's word is final.

  • Protests may be made to the fishing committee. The committee's ruling is final.



These are the all time Sport fishing Records of Spray Beach Yacht Club.

  • SBYC Angling Rules apply

  • Only IGFA recognized Game Fish are eligible for the record board.

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